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Love Yourself Fiercely cover

Love Yourself Fiercely:
Through the Beauty and Ache of Life

Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg
Maureen is an author, a prolific writer, poet, and writing workshop facilitator. Maureen's poetry comes to her through life's experiences and through her intrinsic love for nature and humanity.

Her newest book, Love Yourself Fiercely: Through the Beauty and Ache in Life, is composed of 3 sections of poetry and prose.

The first section deals with loss, grief and sorrow and how love comforts us during these difficult times. The second section, speaks to our ever changing transitions in life, emotionally and physically, how to love ourselves fiercely through these changes, The third section, empowers us to love ourselves fiercely, and to love the world fiercely, Her words bring healing to the soul and soothes the ache in our hearts [and] brings us to the knowing that love is our true weapon in this world that can be filled with so much hate, fear and uncertainty.

Linn Aspen's review:

"I come to embrace my brokenness, for in my measure of breaking, comes healing.

"It's the cycle of beginning, opening, growing, and learning to be every day the true me."

This is an excerpt from Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg's poem If I Come to the Edge of Me included in her book Love Yourself Fiercely: Through the Beauty and Ache of Life.

Words are powerful and the right words at the right time can be profound. Maureen's honesty and wisdom is heartwarming and at times feels like a kind of homecoming.

Son of the Metanah cover

Son of the Metanah:
A Blended Universe Novel

Shytei Corellian Shytei Corellian
Visionary Fiction Author with ARCTURIAN SPACEGATE IMPRINTS, Shytei Corellian is the writer of the Leader of Legend Saga duology, Son of the Metanah, Trissalan Journeyer, and Jeremiah, How to Hot-Wire a Spacecraft. She is also the author of two original award-winning screenplays—The Wolves, and Jeremiah, How To Hot-Wire a Spacecraft. She is a novelist, screenwriter, poet, Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor, and Spiritual Counselor B.Msc, currently working on her Masters in Metaphysical Science. Channeling novels since she was a child, Shytei is the author of three feature-length screenplays, five Visionary Fiction novels in release, and has over twenty more novels in the works. She lives in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.

Linn Aspen's review:

There is nothing as delicious as a tale taking you for a spin into a foreign, magical world and you find yourself feeling right at home. In her unique and beautiful style, Shytei tells a wise story about love and judgment, about shame and resilience, but mostly about the cost and ultimate reward of being true to oneself. Heartwarming and poignant, I couldn't wait to find out how it would end, and now that it ended, I find that it stays with me still.

Amy and the Angels cover

Amy and the Angels

Wendy S Burton Wendy S. Burton
I'm Wendy and my calling is people are a "YES" to their dreams!

I am a new author on an enchanting journey of storytelling. I've recently delved into the world of fiction novels, and my debut work is a captivating blend of angels, love, and mystery. It's a project that holds a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you.

Writing has always been my passion, and now I'm finally taking the leap to bring my imagination to life. Through my novel, I explore the ethereal realm of angels, weaving a tapestry of love and intrigue that will leave you spellbound. It's a tale that unravels the mysteries of heavenly beings and explores the profound emotions that bind us all.

Linn Aspen's review:

I'm sure many of us talked to angels growing up. I know I did (though I called them starbeings). We get older and call them 'the coping mechanism of a troubled childhood' and weren't we clever? As an adult I stopped talking to them for many years until life threw me for a loop and I decide it was okay to have 'irrational coping mechanisms' as long as they work and don't cause harm. Then, and only then, did it occur to me that it might have been more than just a 'coping mechanism.' That something fundamental is going on. Something illogical and real and ever so helpful.

I loved reading Wendy's novel as it touches on this in such a beautiful and tangible way, weaving in wisdom of how to navigate this earthly life; how to see the bigger picture and our place in it. And how, from this broader view, we may allow ourselves to accept and forgive others.

Unraveling Fate cover

Unraveling Fate:
21 Mindfulness Practices for those Touched by Cancer

Marian Vallotton Marian Vallotton
After battling cancer on numerous occasions, Marian Vallotton has an intimate and deep-rooted connection to the disease. Beginning at the age of 18 with her first diagnosis followed by subsequent episodes in her life, she—now, much later in life—unites with the reader in sharing her story along with the Mindfulness practices she has used to provide moments of respite and calm amid the cancer storms.

Here in this book, Marian has compiled the stories and guides as an answer for others in their search for inspiration and assistance. It's all the information that she herself was seeking, lovingly compiled here as a gift to you, that your journey may be eased by her efforts.

Linn Aspen's review:

Lovingly and honestly, this book guides us through our fears and sorrows to a place of of peace, introspection, and self realization; a wonderful asset to all of us, whether we have been touched by cancer, or simply by the challenges of life.

From Stuck to Limitless cover

From Stuck to Limitless:
A collection of inspiring essays that will change your life and mindset

Marie McKenzie Marie McKenzie
Award-winning and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Marie McKenzie is an accomplished Registered Nurse, educator, community volunteer, victims' advocate, international speaker, coach, and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.

Born in Jamaica, she migrated to the United States of America in 1989, and currently resides in Orlando, FL, with her husband George.

When she is not on the job, she volunteers and advocates for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and the homeless. She has volunteered for food banks, crisis pregnancy centers, and homeless organizations. She is a past board member of the Inner Truth Project, which strives to change the conversation surrounding sexual violence and help survivors find their voices.

Linn Aspen's review:

The resilience of these authors is breathtaking, as is their courage. Not only did they overcome their trauma in that it no longer runs their lives, they turned their experiences around to be an asset for themselves and others. I wish I could give them all a big hug. Their honesty and willingness to share their deepest heartaches is an inspiration to us all.

Besides that, not only does this book hold their stories, it's also smack full of resources as these authors share their ongoing work.

From Stuck to Limitless cover

the words i could never say:
Bipolar Poetry

Yogesh Chandra Yogesh Chandra
Yogesh Chandra is a best-selling author from Fiji. He completed his degree from the University of the South Pacific. His writing career was launched in 2017 with his debut poetry collection 'The Tragedy of our Lives'. His fourth collection 'the words i could never say' is out now.

Yogesh draws a lot of inspiration from the chaos that he has been presented with right from childhood. Losing his father at just 10 years of age led to immense trauma, after which he had never fully recovered. Things got worse when he suffered major episodes of depression while in high school. And it was in these episodes of misery, and the continuous juggle between sanity and madness that he found his true calling for poetry. He has not stopped writing since and aspires to be a voice to those who suffer.

When he is not writing, Yogesh loves to explore the natural surrounding around him. He also pursues landscape photography as a hobby.

Linn Aspen's review:

It's not often one comes across writing that is this stunningly insightful and honest. This book, these poems, are a treasure, not only for those battling Bipolar, but for anyone who has loved deeply but not had it reciprocated, who has felt lost, who has felt despair. We can all relate. And for those of my friends who do suffer from Bipolar, it's an even truer treasure.

Thank you, Yogesh Chandra, for your courage and for your willingness to share, not just your thoughts, but your self.

The Painters of Lexieville cover

The Painters of Lexieville

Yogesh Chandra Sharon Darrow
Sharon Darrow has written several books for children, including Through the Tempests Dark and Wild: A Story of Mary Shelley, Creator of Frankenstein, illustrated by Angela Barrett. This is her first novel for young adults. Sharon Darrow has three daughters, lives in Chicago, and teaches in Vermont College's M.F.A. program in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

Linn Aspen's review:

The story is seen through many eyes, yet it is to be understood through the eyes of 17-year-old Petrisha “Pert” Lexie. I adored Pert as a character and more than anything wanted to give her a hug. Warmhearted, wise, yet strong willed and complex, as she often struggled with her choices. The story is rich and beautifully told with a sense of honesty that leaves you both satisfied and pondering.

Highly recommend.