Book Club Discussion Questions

Book Club
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Book clubs are a wonderful way to come together; not only to discuss books but also to share our
own experiences. These questions were put together with this in mind, as well as being mindful to
not give away spoilers for those who wish to view them ahead of time.

1. The different characters:
  •Which character intrigued you the most and why?
  •Did you recognize yourself in any of the characters?
  •Are there any characters you found inspiring or shocking?

2. Drake is described as suffering from psychopathy:
  •Does his character match your understanding of a psychopath? I so why or why not?
  •You might also say he's suffering from a histrionic personality disorder. What do you know of this disorder?
  •Have you ever met anyone like Drake? If so, how did they affect you?

3. In the Tippins' family there was great inequality in the way the two children were treated:
  •Why do you think that was?
  •What would have happened if the brother had not been given preferential treatment?

4. At one time Mother states 'I'll scratch my back and you'll scratch my back':
  •What does this signify?
  •Do you know anyone like Mother? If so, how have they affected you?

5. Regarding Klara's grandfather:
  •As you read the novel, did you think of Klara's grandfather as being real, or as being a figment of Klara's imagination? To Klara, does it make a difference if he is real or not?

6. Klara's family life was challenging:
  •What were some of the things that allowed Klara to cope?

7. In this novel 'Winter' was almost a character in and of itself:
  •What role, if any, did Winter play in the story?
  •How do winters effect you personally?

8. There are many doors and doorways mentioned in this novel, beginning with the cumbersome door that leads from the court yard and into the old refurbished convent:
  •What other doors and doorways in the story come to mind?
  •What do you think they signify as a whole? What does each signify individually?

9. Linn Aspen used numerology to match the characters' names to their personality:
  •How significant is a person's name?
  •Would you see yourself differently if you had a different name? Would you see others differently if they had different names?

10. Regarding the ending:
  •Did you find the ending satisfying? Why or why not?
  •Is it important to you that wrongdoers in fiction are duly punished? If so, why?

11. In conclusion:
  •Has this novel changed your perspective on anything?
  •Has it validated anything?

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