About Linn Aspen

According to intel at our inter-dimensional office space on Artut, Ms. Aspen appears to be an INFJ. This is per the Myers-Briggs personality typology, of which we are familiar. INFJs are the rarest of personality types and suspected to be represented by as few as 2% of the human population. (Which may, or may not, be a good thing, depending on one's perspective.)

Quite sensitive, the INFJs are deep thinkers and have a profound fondness of others, while at the same time being secretive as a way to protect themselves.

This creates a conundrum then, when writing Ms. Aspen's bio, for though she learns much from others, she shares little about herself. What we have gleaned so far is that she lives in Vermont in the United States and has a wonderful husband who, by no fault of his own, married a writer. Despite his predicament he is quite accepting of her oddities, sources tell us, such as her proclivity to grab her industrial-grade, noise-canceling headphones whenever her muse comes visiting (no matter if it's in the middle of his sentence).

Ms. Aspen also has two dogs, small, hardly visible from our satellites. She appears to be happy, loving, and as mentioned, very, very private.

—  The Elders