A quirky philosophical novel

A quirky philosophical novel about staying true to oneself in a troubled family

Precocious 13-year-old Klara Tippins lives in a refurbished convent in upstate New York with her unwholesome family; a narcissistic mother, a psychopathic brother, and a distant father.

It sounds dire, yes, but this is Klara, a starbeing from a distant star, and she has friends in high places; her starfamily none the less, who give her guidance in her dreams. At least that's what she likes to think, though, if she's to be honest, she doesn't remember much when she wakes up.

As the story moves Klara encounters three belief systems: Quakerism, which leads to other people, Q'ero Shamanism which connects her with nature, and Hinduism which provides an understanding of the world and her place in it.

A heartfelt novel about the resilience and determination needed to retain a sense of self when it's being undermined from the very start. For Klara, it was a matter of reaching beyond her circumstances so that, ultimately, she could reach within herself.

"One of the most prominent things you will notice in the book is the wit
with which she has delivered deeply philosophical messages—characters
and plots play out their parts with an undercurrent of an understanding that
there is something bigger in this universe than what we are able to
perceive through our senses."

"... a delightful novel that offers a profound message of truth and hope,
while still being a lighthearted and fun story."

"I loved reading Linn's novel. It was imaginative and unusual. She has a
great sense of humor and 'observation' of the world."

"... a beautiful and spiritual story that spans the Universe. It incorporates
the basic truths of love and forgiveness into the adventures of a young girl
who unknowingly is a spirit from another world. How she reacts
to adversity within her earth family and learns to forgive makes an
inspiring story for young and old alike."

For those who love libraries, The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing is now
at the Levi E. Coe Library in Connecticut.

Levi E Coe Library

And for those who love libraries in Vermont, it's now
at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum.

Levi E Coe Library

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The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing:
Life With a Psychopathic Brother
is a
philosophical and metaphysical novel
written in the Visionary Fiction genre.

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(Klara is the protagonist in
The Dreamtidings of a Disgruntled Starbeing.)

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The award is being a Finalist in the Inspirational Fiction Category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards (The largest international awards program for indie authors and independent publishers)

It's a great award as it has given me an invitation to do a book signing at the American Library Association's National Conference in Chicago
Go Klara! I'm so proud of her.

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